What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Composite Panel?

Apr 07, 2022

1. Small quality: Aluminum-plastic panel is composed of aluminum and plastic core material with relatively low density, so compared with aluminum (or other metals) with the same rigidity or the same thickness, its quality is smaller than that of glass and stone. The mass is much smaller than that.

2. Good rigidity: The aluminum-plastic panel cleverly utilizes the mechanical principle of the I-beam structure, and ingeniously endows it with unique mechanical properties. In addition, the aluminum-plastic panel is compounded under high-temperature conditions, and the two aluminum panels are formed during the entire processing process. The layered aluminum plate is in a certain tension state. After the forming is cooled, the aluminum plate and the core material are symmetrical in terms of shrinkage rate, forming stable internal stress of the plate and having good rigidity. Compared with a single-layer aluminum plate, its elastic limit is larger, and it is not easy to be deformed. In the natural state without too much external force, it can maintain good flat performance for a long time.

3. Rich colors and strong decoration: the layers of the aluminum composite panel can be made into various colors, and the pattern design matches all purposes that can be carried out. In addition, we can also use photocopying technology to simulate patterns of patterned granite, wood grain, metal, etc., and provide high-quality pattern designs with a precise texture that cannot be obtained in a single color. The rich color and pattern design meets the coordination of adapting to different environmental requirements, adapts different architectural styles to the environment, the selected colors are in harmony with the environment, and achieves a perfect unity in the overall artistic effect, giving people a bright and soft beauty. visual enjoyment. The curtain wall decorated with aluminum-plastic panels is not inferior to the gorgeous glass curtain wall and the elegant stone curtain wall. Under the sunlight, its layers are gorgeous and dignified, while avoiding light pollution.

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